When Harry woke up, the first thing he noticed was that he was alone.  Without a reassuring presence pressing down against his chest like it had as he had fallen asleep, Harry panicked.  Had Louis changed his mind?  Green eyes shot open wide and he sat up hastily.  The first thing he noticed was the sun shining in through cracks in the drawn shades.  It was morning.  Mornings meant Louis had check ups.  Maybe he was even at breakfast by this point.  In either case, he wasn’t expected to still be asleep like Harry had been so the boy figured he was safe.  Still, as he threw on a pair of Zayn’s sweats, Harry took off to go find the smaller boy.  He had promised Louis every second and intended to live up to it for as long as he could.

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    [[MORE]] Harry shifted to hold Louis in his typical spot resting on Harry’s chest. He wasn’t sure why the boy insisted...
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    [[MORE]] Louis smiled against Harry’s lips and gently kissed him back, eyes staying shut because Harry had been right,...